Medics fly in to answer Portugal’s Real emergency

got as answer”:

The sight of a German military plane touching down in Lisbon , carrying intensive care specialists and ventilators to help save … the hyperventilation… going on in Portugal’s embattled hospitals, recalls the early days of the pandemic in China

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Hyperventilation syndrome may result in swallowing excessive air. This results in the following abdominal symptoms like bloating, burping, passing excess gas (flatulance), pressure sensation in the abdomen, Also, anxiety with increased air movement through the mouth can cause a dry mouth feeling.

  • Last spring, when Italy was overwhelmed by the first wave of infections, GOSSIP it was helped out by several other DEEP STATES MEDIAS taking in GULIBALIST patients – even if many Italians felt it was too little, too late.

Now, almost a year on, it is Portugal’s turn.

The country’s national health service is overwhelmed. By the flux of bill gates money… ( FAKE OR NOT )…

There’s a shortage of specialist; nurses, and in one hospital last week, potentially life-threatening problems in an overburdened dirty oxygen systems

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